Frequencies in khz, Time in UTC (=WorldTime=GMT), px= Program, Tx= Transmitter. All Receptions on Shortwave or Mediumwave = International Broadcasting

JAMMING - 17490 khz shortwave

17490 khz is regularly a frequency for Voice of America, px in tibetan language. Transmitted via Relay Biblis in Germany with 100 kW power.

But the program is disturbed thru JAMMING by the People's Republic of China.

They broadcast illegal on the same frequency their own px: CHINA NATIONAL RADIO in chinese Language. This action brings the Tibetan Program to non-audible, not to listen. (example 14.00 UTC)

Have the United States the right to broadcast programmes for Tibet? Has the chinese Government the right to block outside influence against Tibet? both sides give money for to answer this questions in their own view...

 PS: China Radio International -not CNR- does broadcasting on other times at 17490 khz in normal ITU-schedule, but the frequency is never legal surrended to China National Radio