Frequencies in khz, Time in UTC (=WorldTime=GMT), px= Program, Tx= Transmitter. All Receptions on Shortwave or Mediumwave = International Broadcasting


Radio of the State of Kuwait is the official broadcaster of Kuwait. Transmitter are located in Kabd with a power of 250 kW. Programmes are the Main Arabic px, Quran, Urdu, Farsi, Filipino and English (called "Easy FM"). Usually are 3 'DRM' broadcasts daily. There are also FM programmes like "Super Station", "Classical", etc. 

Shortwave Transmissions from Transmitter Sulaibiya missing on some days, the schedule isn't stable. The frequencies for Europe are mostly inside the 19-m-band: 15110, 15440, 15515, 15530, 15540 khz, in add: 9750 /9730 khz.

There is also a big Relay-Station, Location Umm-al-Rimam, for V.o.A., RFE, RFA and others. Power is 6x 250 kW.

From Studio Al-Ahmadi are programmes for Radio Sawa made, mostly news, reports and contemporary content. Radio Sawa on mediumwave.

R E L A Y   of   R a d i o   A Z A D I